my date for a day

C emailed me at work and asked if I'm working Friday.  I told him I'm off and he told me he's going to take a day off work to take me out on an all day date !  I must say I was surprise and like always, a butterfly fleeting feeling in my tummy :)  I get happy at the thought of him.  Even though I see him every day and sleep next to him every night, every time we're meeting up or going somewhere together, I get this excited, nervous, anxious, happy feeling at the pit of my belly.  If I was meeting him for lunch I would scan the crowd and my heart just soar when I see him.  I don't know why, that's just how I feel.  Some people asked me how I maintained it, and honestly I don't know !!!  Perhaps we just spend a lot of time talking and being in each other's presence !  One of those, the longer we're together the deeper our love grow.  So sappy I know !  you can go vomit if you want :)  It's not like we don't have hardship, we do, but we often talk it out.  No hidden feeling or agenda or anything.  Full disclosure all.the.time.  We are very protected of us and our family so we don't let anything "off" go unnoticed. 

Hours spent talking at a quaint coffee/general store.  I love the old feeling/look of  this place, le Marche St. George.

happy place in the home

This picture show my happy place in my house !  It's not a room or a space, just a table with all my favorite stuff on it.  Every time I walk by it, I can't help but smile and feel flooded with joy.  It's beautiful, the picture of my family drawn by Bee, the kids pictures, and my favorite flowers !  It takes so little to make me happy.

no longer a baby

excited for school !
Lovebug's ecstatic that her sister is home from school

Bee started pre-school last week.  It was a stressful time for the both of us.  She doesn't like to be there and I'm constantly on the verge of wanting to run over and hold her and take her home with me.  She keeps on telling me how much she loves me and "I love your hair mommy !  I want to stay with your hair".  I have no idea what she's trying to convey...or not.  She might just simply want to be with my hair (???)....I don't understand.....

Bee did so well on the first day.  I took her to school and she quickly waved goodbye.  I must admit I was a bit disappointed that she's so quick to rid of me.  So lingering hug, speed kisses...nothing.  I even wondered why other moms keep on talking about first day of school and how their kids cry and all.  HA, my girl is so good.  I bragged about her to all those who asked.

When the 2nd day came, it all just goes downhill from then on til today :(  She didn't want to come in, she keeps on wiping her eyes from tears, she asks me to take her home with me, she screams, she fight to get out from the arms of the teacher......  She doesn't understand why I can't stay there with her forever.  It was heart breaking my friends, for both her and I.

Seeing Bee's tears pooling around her eyes when I dropped her off today shattered my heart.  I never knew dropping off kid at school can be this difficult.  I hear about it all the time.  I'm sure I scoffed at it many of times too.  Like, you're just dropping off a kid, what's the big deal ?  It's a HUGE deal.  For Bee it's a new learning curve, unfamiliar place, unfamiliar faces, new routines, new structures, new everything.  For me, it's the sadness of the realization she's her growing up, becoming independent, growing out of "home" care.  Then there's the anxiety of "is she happy?", how well would she adapt to the new environment, would she make new friends, does she like the activities there, are the teachers kind/patience/supportive ?  It's a mix bowl of emotions that I'm still trying to sort out and accept. 

Did I cry when I drop her off on her first day ?  No.  But I did feel this overwhelming sadness when I left the school.  Like a part of me is ripped away from me and I'm feeling the missing piece.  My baby is growing up.  She's no longer a baby.  She's going to be going to school from now on for the next 13 years.  When I call home at lunch, she won't be on the other line babbling to me about her day and asking if she can come to work with me :(  I'm so going to miss my mid day talk with her.  She's becoming a little girl.  I do want her to grow up and spread her wings but another part of me also want her to remain my baby.  It's complicated, this parenting business. 

Today is my last vacation day (took a week off to ease Bee into school) so I wanted to do something sweet for Bee.  She love cake and icing (mostly icing :) so I baked her a chocolate cake, cut into squares and decorated them with pink icing.  It was yummy, not too sweet at all.  Bee was excited and wanted a tea party.  I told her maybe we'll just have pink lemonade because it's really hot today.  She had two squares, ate all the icing and finished 60% of the cake.  She never finish the cake.  It's ok !  that's what I'm here for, finishing off her left overs.  I also permit myself to one square :)  There's 1/2 cup of butter in the icing and if I have to divide up the total icing to each square, one square has about 1 teaspoon of butter !!!  Until I'm more active, I have to watch out for my fat intake  :(

I also realized that I can't just take any day off and take her out or have an impromptu garden party.....she has a set schedule to follow.  I wonder if she even need to attend pre-school...plenty of kids are home until kindergarten :)  I know I know, she's not a baby no more, and I can't baby her forever....but when I think of her, she's my baby, forever my baby.


one always copy the other !  guess who ?