Zipzicle: ice pop pouch freezies

A few days ago I was sent a package of zipzicle to try out !  My first tester and it was a success.  I filled some with strawberry banana smoothie and some with lychee juice (it was such a tasty drink so I wanted to make freezies out of them for me :) because it's so so so very hot out).

Here are my findings:

- no stick, no drips, no crying baby over dropped ice cream !  it's mess free for kids
- excellent way to get your kids to eat fruits (& veggies)
- great for teething baby (my youngest screams (happy squeal) at the sight of it)
- easy for kids to push the ice goodness up
- pouch is reusable for at least 1 more freeze (or 2 :)
- inexpensive
- great on the go (I used it to keep the kids busy on long car ride :)
- better than store bought freezies as those are loaded with sugar, with zipzicle, you control what you put in there ! 

- you need a funnel to get the liquid into the pouch
- you need to freeze the pouch (standing) in a container

If you're going to order these, order at least 36 pouches (or more) because you would want to try different recipes, mixes, etc.  Get the kids involve in the prepping and filling of pouches !  A fun family activity and then you get to enjoy the ice goodness together after.