Our patio project

After a couple weeks of hard work, things are coming together and our backyard is ready for use.  The shed is up and sitting proudly in the corner of our garden.  The kids were excited, not so much for the completion of the project, but just to be out (more often now) in the yard.  They love running around, playing on the swings, monkey bars, climbing up and sliding down the slide, and having a tea party !!!  Bee adored tea party.  Her eyes light up at the sound of those words.  And so we did, have a tea party, to celebrate our completed patio.

pink lemonade tea. freezies, and macarons !!! we were in sweet heaven !

Handy man C took the left over pallets and made a bench for us to sit on !  It took him less than an hour to disassembled the pallets, cut to size and nailed them all back together.  He also did some sanding to smoothen out the rough surface.  The results was a nice 5X5 bench for extra sittings in our patio.

We ended the evening with lots of water, dirt, clovers and 2 naked kids running around !  We love our backyard and with the new designated area for family dining and lounging and grassy area for playing and games, parents and kids are both happy campers !