oh hello monkey bars

I discovered this week that my kids LOOooooVeee the monkey bars.  They just like to hang up in the air for as long as they can then release (expecting me to catch them just in time ! :-/  At least they give me some warning, Bee would say "I need to go down" and Lovebug (whom I'm am only inches away from, except to snap a pic.  :)  would release one arm first and then the other, giving me time to grab her.  She doesn't like that I'm near her.  She would kick my hands away from her.  She wants to be independent, to be on her own.  She's 16 months for goodness sake !!!  This girl will surely be the one giving me many heart attacks as she's so fearless.

Lovebug trying to pull her feet up ON the monkey bar !!!  While Bee cautiously trying to wrap around the post.