a monkey and a piglet | favorite sayings

Thoughts of the two monkeys bought a smile to my face.  They're so playful and so darn cute.  I am bias, but what mama isn't ?  my kids are so hugable, kissable, squeezable !  I want to hold them tight all the time.

Bee's frequent list of favorite sayings:

- mommy poo poo daddy poo poo
- I am talking to poo
- Can I take poo with me ?  it's in my bum bum !
- I'm talking to poo
- I don't want you to go to work.  I'm not hungry
- I want you to stay home with me because I love you.  Momma, I love you.
- You stay (home) with me now ?
- I want to eat bon (cinnamon bun)
- One more (candy) OK.  I promise you.
- I eat I brush my teeth
- You're my best friend. 
- You're my favorite
- I love you this much (stretch out her arms way to the back of her)
- Can you hold me ?
- I want your ti ti
- Look for me mommy
- I run you run after me
- You have surprise for me ?  
- Why you like that ?


Lovebug can babble a few words now !  she's so adorable when she says "Mah Mah"....

- Mah mah
- Dah dah
- BaA (grandma in vietnamese)
- DuG (dog)
- Hup (up)
- wah wah (water)
- bub bah (bubble)