fun with kids : home activities

I don't know why it took me this long to realize that as long as the kids are occupied, they won't be so crazy hyper active !!!  Both is my kids aren't into toys :( 10 min. and they are ready to move on to something else.  "What we do next?" Bee would say when she's bored.  Watching cartoon isn't her thing either.  Which in a way is good !  And only not so good when I need her to leave me alone to put baby to sleep or to make lunch or dinner.

It rained this morning so I decided to make some home made paint.  1/2 cup of flour, water and salt.  Add a few drops of different food colouring and they are ready for a master piece.

The rain stopped just about when Bee and Lovebug is done with their finger painting.  I took them out to play in our "renovation in progress" yard.  After what feels like an hour pushing both swings, I came up with an activity to keep them both busy and give me some rest :)

Imaginary fish pond with clovers as fishes and butterfly catchers as fishing nets.  It sure keeps them entertained for a long time !  I have to pat me on the back for that one :) 

After a warm bubble bath and hot lunch, the kiddos still have lots of energy.  They drained all mine though.  A box of recent delivery was sitting on the floor and Bee made it into a tube.  I suggested to her we play red, yellow ad green.  In her words "red means stop, green means go and yellow is be careful" !  Hubby taught her that. 

With the box on her, Bee was a mean car ready to follow which ever color I yelled out.  She ignored most yellow and red and treat them as green so she can speed down the hallway with Lovebug trailing behind.

Then both kiddos took turn sitting inside the box.  Bee said they are pretending to be a toy in a box and that I need to open the box and pull them out.  They are dolls for me to play with !  I tried pressing a few buttons on Bee (like those toys with the "press here" switch) but all she did was giggles!  

Lovebug went to hug me and signaled that she's ready for nap (rubbing her eyes).  I suggested to Bee that she should watch Dora and have some snacks.  She complied but was bummed out that baby can't play with her.

Hubby came home from work a bit early so we quickly ate dinner then went swimming.  All and all it was an activities-ful day.  The kids were out around 9ish.  Hubby and I decided to watch a movie together and gossip about our kids in between scenes :)