breathtaking Garry Point

The kiddos and hubby were up at 9am and started work on our garden !  I wanted to sleep in but couldn't so I grudgingly went out and planted peonies.  I can't wait to see them bloom.  By noon, we were all tired so we all went in, ate lunch, got dressed and went to Richmond.  We (I) wanted to get prawns from Steveston Landing (Fisherman's Wharf). 

Mr. sun was bright, the wind was calm and cool, I suggested we pay an impromptu visit to Garry Point park (close by) since we got some time.  A place I heard of many times but never had a chance to see what it is all about.  And boy, was I ever glad we went.

My first feeling was:  quiet, quaint, calm, the air was clean and clear.  The mood ?  there's an ease about it.....I feel so relaxed, like I'm far far from the city.  My eyes were happy to see vast open field along side a body of water.  There are small sandy "beach" areas with drift woods lining up, separating the field from the rocks, sands and water.  There are few trails leading to the main one along the water and many people were out with their kids biking.  Something I wanted to do with the kids for sure.  As this place is simply too wonderful not to visit again. 

We went to look for a bench to sit and found a plot of lupins.  These wild flowers with shades of purple, indigo and magenta grew in groups, randomly dotted the park.  I quickly grabbed my camera and with some "selective" angle-ing, I managed to captured some pictures that looked like we're in a field of lupins, not a small patch :) and that we're the only one at the park !!!  Hubby did the same too.

The kids LOVE running around, up and down the hill, around the lupins patches, in the lupins patch, around the benches, chasing after dogs (there are many many people with their friendly cute pooch there), and watching tug boats pulling floaters full of sand.  There were many kites there too, a great place for those who loves flying kite.  They love it so much that we had a hard time stopping them from running and telling them we're leaving (too hot).  We bribed them with promises of ice cream so Bee happily complied (Lovebug follows whatever Bee wants to do).  We definitely will come back again for a picnic and (hopefully) to get some professional family pictures taken by our friend Jade !

Here are some photos:


Enjoy the warm sunny days ahead and do visit Garry Point if you're in the neighborhood.  A great place to for a long stroll or just to sit and soak in the sun !  I highly recommend a picnic or a bbq.  Or at the least, bring snacks and water for the kiddos as it's a long trail.   If you don't, there's concession stand there with concession price :)

There's absolutely NO shade once you leave the small park area near the entrance.  It's all open field from there on so remember to bring hats for the kids.  Where were ours ?  it was an impromptu first visit so we didn't bring hats for the kids or else we would have stayed longer.   It was so bright there that hubby glad he got his driving glasses on.  He even took our pictures with the glasses on because he couldn't barely open his eyes !  So hat and sunscreen is a must if you go on a sunny day !