love you so much

Morning came and Bee shot me an accusing look.  The look of "you're working today aren't you?".  She dislike me going to work.  She would say to me every morning "I love your so much.  Can you stay home with me ?  You stay home now ?".  I told her I have to go to work, to pay for our home, to help people, and so that we can do all the things she likes.  Like clock work, she would say "But I don't want you to.  I want you to stay home with me.  But I love you so much".
Before being a mom, I heard of other mothers telling me how hard it was for them to go to work.  I never fully understood it until recent of late.  Until Bee tells me how much she loves me to stay home with her.  I feel guilty working (not too much, but a bit, and that bit is enough to cause an ache my heart).
So, today, since I have some payroll info. to complete, I decided to take Bee to work with me.  She was so so so happy.  I can see her eyes light up.  She asked me again "I'm coming to work with you ?".  She then snuggled up next to me and whispered "I love you mommy.  You're my best friend" and we just lay there like that for a while, holding on to each other.  It's not out of the norm.  We do that every day.  It's our every morning routine.  She would get out of her bed (located beside our bed) and crawl into ours and ask me "Can you hold me mommy?".  And we would cuddle like for as long as we can until Love wake up and budge in to break us a part.  And even then I hold Love on one side while still holding Bee on the other.   
Bee likes the sky train ride to work.  She asked A LOT of questions (why no one drive the train, how the doors open and close, etc).  I like her inquiring mind.  She's on a good path.
It was nice showing Bee around and watching her shyly telling my colleagues that she's 4.  Once we did our greetings round, I sat her down in my office, gave her some paper and sharpies to draw with and commenced on the work I didn't get to the day before.  She drew me many pictures and we posted them up.  She was proud of her art work as was I.

After my work, we went out for Bon (cinnamon bun > we call it Bon :)  followed with a trip to the eye doctor for me, some play time at the mall's water fountain and pennies throwing, and then grocery !  She was such a good sport !  We had so much fun.  She did fell asleep for a bit on the bus home but managed to wake up when we reached our stop !  I told her I can't carry her because I got heavy bags.  She told me her eyes are tired, they're sleepy, but she will try to walk home.  Walk home with me she did. 
Later that day she pulled me close to her and said to me "I love you so much.  Look, I love you this much..." and she stretched out her arms as far back as she could.  Her eyes tell me that her heart is full of love for me and she wanted me to know that.  I know.  I can feel so much love with my heart.
Words cannot express the love and joy my two girls bought me.  Their presence in my life let me have a glimpse of the love my Jesus have for me.  We each are so deeply loved.