fun with kids : tea party breakfasts

My daughter loves tea party !  I was never a tea party kind of gal (first one was last summer > impromptu garden party) but with my daughter insisting on having a tea party whenever she spotted our tea pot, I decided to throw her not only one but two tea parties over this past long weekend !  It's time consuming to cook, set up and clean up.  But I must say, sipping milk tea and eating a bit of everything is kind of fun and delightful !  My girl knows how to enjoy life.
I got my hubby and baby to join in too and they seems to enjoy it !  Hubby complained the small china cup is too small to hold his coffee though !!! Oh yeah, so to be exact, I'm the only one that had tea !  my daughter had milk in her tea cup and hubby had coffee :)
On Friday, our tea party consisted of thin pan cakes, blueberry muffins (recipe here), finger sandwiches (coco hazelnut butter), and fresh fruits (Bee's favorite > pears and oranges).

On Saturday we had a rather Asian themed tea party, just Bee & I this time around !  hubby and baby Love slept in !  We had some left over muffins from the day before (no way I'm baking a fresh batch back to back !), poached egg, sticky rice balls (Bee's favorite > some with seaweeds and some with grounded sesame seeds), apple slices, and seaweed strips (I don't like them so much but my 2 kids loves loves them).  Oh and yes, those are gummies bears on the tray !!!  Bee asked me to give her 5 bears so that when she finished her breakfast she can eat candies for dessert :)

If you know me at all, once I get into something I get kinda obsessed with it.  So since the beginning of summer til now, I've acquired 5 tea pots, 4 serving plates and a few cream/sugar bowls.  I don't think I need any tea pots, I need more cups !  I have about 8 mismatched set of teacups right now.  How many do I need ?  I don't know...maybe a few more :)  so I can host a tea party for friends !  and we'll wear pretty floral dresses and fancy hats ... it'll be fun !