capable of anything

As I ponder about my week, thinking of all the people I've crossed path with, I've come to the conclusion (again) that we human are so wonderfully made.  We're complicated, simple, strange, unique, tough and fragile.  There's no replica of any of us.  Complex species we are !

People never fail to surprise me of what they're capable of.  The people whom I don't think much of (simply because I don't know them well) most always have some amazing stories to share.  I'm glad I've taken time to get to know them.  That's what I've been doing a lot lately, getting to know people, not just small talks, but ask them questions that allow me to have an idea of who they are and what mattered to them.  I'm trying not to waste my words, but make the best use of them in whatever frame of time I spent with people.  It's been an eye opening journey.

What I learned so far ?  human are capable of many of things, good and bad.  One can never say never and that anything is possible.  And as a Christian, the idea that I'm capable of anything not only makes me all the more humble knowing that I'm was wonderfully made, but it also makes me feel I need to cling more closer to my Lord because I can easily slip if I don't hold tight onto Him.  We are NOT immune to everything. 

I thought I was immune to cheesecake (I have a strong dislike for cheese & sugar > such strange concept) until I tried it.  Now it's all I think about most days.  Strawberry cheesecake.  Such a delightful combination, sweet, rich, creamy, tart...yumo !