lazy sunday with the girls

Today the sun came out unexpectedly.  The forecast was predicting rain for the next while.  It was a nice welcome seeing Mr. Sun and I tell myself not the trust the weather man too much. 
After church and lunch with our friends, we rushed home because Lovebug was being difficult.  She doesn't like to sit in one place and wants to walk/run around.  Some day Lovebug is chill, some day she's not.  And it's ok.  It's a phrase she's going through and it too will come to pass !  so it doesn't bother me a bit when she whines or screams or keeps slipping off my arms to run off.  No longer a first time mommy, I learned to stay calm and chill in all situations.  I know that getting upset or agitated won't solve anything and instead make things worse so I adapt and go with the flow with my babe.  I read her cues and take it from there.  It makes for less stress and goals are often achieved !  Through all the hassles of passing Lovebug around and trying to entertain her (she isn't into toys yet), we ALL ate today !  it's something worth celebrating !!!!!   
It was cool and nice out so we let the girls run around the front yard while C clean out the garage (he's forever de-cluttering !).  They dig holes, play with rocks, pick up weeds (Bee made me a bouquet), sat on the grass and throw rocks at our neighbor's yard :)  There's so much to do outside. 
Bee found her favorite rock (which she put in the sock) and paper, and stick and garden weeds !
bouquet of flower for me !  "for you mommy" Bee declared !  it looks big here but it's really small :-)
I really don't know why she likes to fold her legwarmers and wear them on her wrist ! 
Lovebug attempted to bolt from our yard onto the street many of times.  Failed attempted but they make for a tired mama so I took them both inside.  Where they can watch their daddy washing his baby (car) from the window while chewing on strawberry twizzlers.  I wanted to snap a few pictures of them playing and wrestling with each other.  They are changing everyday and I want capture them on this day at this age (13 and 47 mnths).  My girls.

Roooaarrrr !
Bee's usual spot on the window.  She sits here every day to wave goodbye to us & to welcome us home from work.
Ask Lovebug how old she is and she'll show you she's 1 !
one of the many languages of love between the girls !
Lovebug likes to copy her older sister.  She wants to do everything like her sister.
pink tulips