afternoon delight

Rainy Sunday morning.  The kiddos are sick at home with hubby while I trek the downfall to meet up with some friends.  It's my bestie's birthday today.   I decided to take her out for afternoon tea and invited some other excellent women (one who is 5 days passed her pregnancy due date !) to accompany us.  I never done high tea or afternoon tea.  From what I heard they're snooty uppity doo kind of place and I'm not into that.  But it's not my day so I go with what I think she might like !  (quality times with friends and so I thought afternoon tea would be great).  I tried to book Secret Garden but it was fully booked (who knew I have to do that weeks in advance ? for tea ? really ?) so I opted for Petit Cuillere, another high tea place that has good reviews and it's apparently friendly !
My first thought upon entering the establishment was, cozy !  I feel warm and cozy !  it's so quaint.  The wall color, the china cup planters, the chairs, the table linen !  I love the high ceilings and long curtains.  The walls and walls of fine china keeps my eyes busy while waiting for others to arrive. 
Once everyone arrived, settled in our huge comfy chair and ordered our tea, we started to talk about everything under the sun !  A few times we jokingly reminded each other how the topic of our conversation isn't suitable for high tea :-)  of course that doesn't stop anyone of us ! 

We all opted for high tea instead of afternoon tea as few of us crave Pho (it's comfort food for us, esp. on cold rainy day like this.  A hot bowl of steamy Vietnamese noodle soup !  and it's just a few doors down from here!).  The 2 tiers tray came out with cute sweet and savoury tidbits.  They were all pretty good.  I like the warm orange scone the most.  3 hours rolled on by and we're all full, partly from the food, but I think mostly from the tea because we all got about 2 refills.  It was all in all a great experience !  The service was excellent. 
Would I do it again ?  absolutely.  I so wanted to wear long dress and wide brim hats.  I might do that with my mom and Bee.  We can all dressed up and be transported back in time.  A time of no digital devices, no rush errands to do, no place to be at...and we just sit around and drink tea and talk and watch clouds floating by.....