a very hungry caterpillar birthday party

Our girls are turning 4 and 1.  They're such fun kids !  Love is already walking at around 9 months and Bee is getting ready for preschool.  They are happy silly kids and we're celebrating another milestone with them.

Yesterday we threw the girls a "A very hungry caterpillar" birthday party theme !  Bee loves hungry caterpillar so she asked me months and months before to have a caterpillar party !!! 

So, it started with the invite card:

Being the frugal and wanna-be-crafty mommy, I sketched out what design I want in mind and went Dollar Store hunting for décor.  Tissue pom poms or puff balls are super cheap and make big fun statement :) so I decided to make a caterpillar from tissue balls :)  which then gave me the idea for the room décor >  colorful puff balls !  then the caterpillar Monday-Friday fruits table, sweet treat table, giveaways and buntings to tie the theme all in !

Here are pictures of the party and if you scroll down below I posted the FILES of some designs I created, HOW TOs and WHERE TO BUY sections if you want similar décor.  You can download the files, printed them on card stocks, cut out the rounds and use them for the fruits cards and thank you tags.  Enjoy !


Fun colorful pom pom tissue balls !

Bee's favorite candies for adults and kids !  there's little takeaway box for each to fill up and take to go !

My eldest enjoyed the party very much !  My youngest ?  she didn't say anything :-)  her eyes lit up at the sight of all the colorful puff balls so I supposed she likes that !  Overall, hubby and I had fun decorating !  I enjoy it most (don't all moms ?) and the best part, it didn't cost too much and I can reuse all the puff balls for our summer garden tea party :D 


For décor I went to Michaels and brought the following items there (ranges from $1.50-$3):

-  wooden initial
-  paper treat bags
-  wind-up toys (for babies)
-  candy take out boxes
-  pink small wooden frames (these are super cute)
-  color stock papers (for HAPPY BIRTHDAY flag)

Went to Dollarama and picked up:
-  colorful tissue packages ($1/pack) for paper pom poms (for caterpillar you'll need 1 pack of red, 2 of dark green and 2 of light green)
-  green utensils
-  wooden clips (for treat bags)
-  colorful balloons


Here are files for the fruit tags (print on card stock paper, tape a toothpick behind it and stick it onto a fruit :-)  thank you giveaway bag tags (caterpillar & butterfly), flags, blank tags & water bottle label !

For the flag, you can download each individual file (flag 1-5, smaller file size) or the whole file hungry caterpillar hanging flag.pdf !  Enjoy !



I picked up most of these at Target:

- non-toxic bubble bottles
- 3 different colors playdoh container
- 2 of snack-size cookies and crackers bags (Annie's organic from Costco)
- a pack of slime goo
- 1 sticker book
- 1 take-away candy box

You can put anything in the bag really, crayons, doodle booklet, whistle, balls, etc.  I found that most, if not all, kids like stickers and bubbles so those 2 are my go-to items.