repurpose: how to make a girl's dress from man's dress shirt

Twice a year my husband would go through his closet and remove shirts that are stained, ripped, no longer fit or he just doesn't wear.  We would pack them all and drop off at one of those  Children's Foundation's donation bin.

One day, a friend of mine sent me a pic. of a shirt that was repurposed into a kid's shirt and tagged me on it.  I saw it and thought it was such an awesome idea !  I asked C to give me one of his dress shirt and he gave me one that he no longer wear as it's worn around the neck line.  I decided to make Bee a dress out of it !  With little time on hand, like 20 min., I decided to make the easiest dress I can think of :-)  Since it's a shirt, a shirt dress it is !  Since it's gray color, I added white lace around the neckline (case a stretchy band around the neck to easy slip on/off) for added touch of softness.  I then cut one of the sleeve open and sewn onto the dress to make it into a pocket.  Bee ADORES pocket !!!  She likes to fill it up with her baubles :-)

girl's dress made from man's dress shirt !
I will be doing this with all of hubby's clothes going forward.  If they're in good shape, they'll go to charity.  Rip or stained, it'll be repurposed into something useful for our little ones :-)  I'm trying to buy less and re-use more !  Our landfill is growing by the minute, I want to contribute as little as possible.