Happy Lunar New Year

It's Vietnamese New Year today !  I wish you a blessing year with good health.  The sun is out and the weather is a few temperatures warmer than the last few wet and cold days.  Hope you're out soaking in some golden lights !

Bee got some "li xi" red envelopes (in our culture, kids get money in red envelope on new year's day) so she asked me to take her to buy candies.  To distract her from all the sugarbugs, I suggested we play dress up !  Bee were given many traditional dresses, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean and Japanese, so I thought Lunar New Year is the best time to break them out.  When and where else can she wear them to ?   The girls love it  :-)  not so much the dressing part but that they get to wear colorful clothes !  Kids love color !  I thought I dig out my dresses too and take pictures with them.

It was fun seeing how they look in all those dresses.  Bee never worn many of them.  They were just hanging out in her closet, waiting for a day like today.  I'm glad they still fit her.  Lovebug has to wear hand-me-down and they were a bit big for her.  Next year she'll fit them nicely. 

Getting the girls to stay still so I can snap a few pictures proved impossible.  They were also eating waffle :D  I have to quickly take the waffle away for a pic. then give it back to them.  Never the one to give up, so I just snap the camera aimlessly, hoping for some decent pictures.  Here are some:

Here we are in our Chinese outfits !

And here are our Vietnamese traditional dresses:

Chuc Mung Nam Moi !