...and Bibba was born...

Here I go on a new venture !  I've decided to open an online shop, selling hand sewn baby scarf/bib !!!  I've been sewing up a storm !  been bribing Bee with candies (so she'll model the scarf for me) and staying up late to code my online store.  I love fabric and sewing so this was a perfect combo for me !  Sewing cute stylish scarf for my baby girl and for other babies ?  don't mind if I jump in head first :-)

I've been thinking about how to run this business for days now.  I'm passionate about sewing and want it to maintain as something I love to do.  Every time I sit down in front of the Juki machine, I dream of what will become of the fabrics.  I come from a family of seamstress so it's no surprise that I love threads.  I want to do this hand sewn business thing but there's something missing... I just can't put my finger on it. 

A few Sundays ago, when I was telling Joan that my mom knitted a sweater for my baby girl, she told me she loves knitting and that she knits for charity !  she and a bunch of ladies get together to knit every week.  They sell their creations at craft fairs to raise fund for a local homeless shelter.  I love the idea so much and after talking about it with her again, I am confirmed of what God has been wanting me to do.  It feels right in my heart.  I long been wanting to put more money into good causes.  There're so many needs around me and I want to contribute more than what I'm currently doing.  I thought, if I can use the fund from this business and put it towards greater good, it's a win for all.  Seller and buyers alike, we all can help contribute a little to the less fortunate. 

There are 2 organizations I want to contribute to.  One is Burnaby Safe House and one is Free the Children (for the 2013 list of top graded Canadian charitable organizations click here).  Let's see where this will take me !  Please pray for wisdom as I tread this new water !

I'm so excited and can't wait to get going with this !!!