take me out to the market

I enjoy strolling around and browsing Granville Island market !  I often spend a good amount of  time gawking at all the bakeries there.  They look amazing and taste very yummy too.  If you have a sweet tooth, you will fall in love with all the sweet shops in the market. 

Many shops on the island are overpriced so do shop with care :-)  My rule of  thumb regarding fruits/veggies is, if I can get the same at local market or farm, I would get them there instead.  The market here is best for hard to find/specialty items.  Chocolate and sweet bakeries are superb here ! Oh and the seafood too ! 

A typical day for us on the island would be getting hot drinks, sweet bakeries, and a bag of salmon jerky from the public market.  We then head outside to the community space to eat our goodies and to enjoy the live music (they always have local musicians).  Bee likes to chase the hundreds of birds hanging out there.  When food is done, we would go for stroll around, taking in the sight and sound.  They have a lot of neat shops outside the market and a kids market with an indoor playground.

On a dry day, I recommend taking a walk down towards the marina and checking out the floating houses there.  They are quite handsome to look at. 

In the summer, there's a waterpark for kids up on the hill.  You can bring a blanket and have a picnic up on the grassy area while the kids play.  It's quite of a pleasant outdoor area.

Now that it's beginning to feel like winter, the indoor food court is a nice cozy place for dessert and snacks.  They have a good selection of fast food vendors here.  If you have loud kids like mine, this place is great !  No kid ? well, there are some fine restaurants around that sure will please your palate.  There's Bridges, Dockside, Edible, Sandbar, to name a few.  Also, just before the entrance to the island, there's Afghan Horsemen restaurant.  Food is excellent.  One of my favorite restaurant.

Below are some pictures we took on our recent visit, after CandyTown (Christmas street in Yaletown, very small, not too many vendors, wasn't worth the expensive parking fee).

Lovebug all bundled up !

Granville Island Public Market 1689 Johnston St | Vancouver, BC | (604) 666-6655