self reflection | impatience

Whenever I have a moment to think of my mom, like now, I would feel bad for being so impatience with her.  I would show her countless times how to do something and within days, she would forget it.  I showed her already.  It's so easy.  Repeat it again I must but I don't like this !  Patience is something I was born lacking :-(  My kids are helping me gaining more each passing day. 

I forget that my mom is aging.  In my head I think she's in her 50s but she's almost 65.  She might be healthy and energetic and all, her brain is aging.  Just typing that word makes my heart ache a little.  My mom is growing old.  I need to understand that it's not that my mom doesn't want to remember how to do something, but because there's just too many things for her to take in.  It's not her fault she doesn't grow up with computers, remote controls, digital toaster, video intercom and so so so so many other things.  She was brought up the old school ways.

Thanks to my mom's "old school" upbringing that my brother and I never eat canned food, boxed food, and never eat food cooked or warmed up in the microwave.  Entertainments are gardening, going on walks, role playing, or helping my mom in the kitchen.  I carried with me many fond memories of my childhood.  My mom generously give us the gift of her time.  She spent times with us and takes time to make us great food.  I need to give her my gift of time.

As I thought of me trying to grasp and keep up with technology, I can only imagine the struggles she's dealing with.  Not to mention the language barrier.  It must be so hard on my mom.  Trying to learn the basic of it all.  The more I think of it, the more I appreciate and love my mom more and more.  She's pretty awesome for attempting to even TRY!  She now has her own email address, can press a whole bunch of buttons just to TURN ON THE TV !!!  Seriously, even I hate turning on the TV.  It should just be 1 button, like how it used to be.  My brother gave my mom his ipad and she loves it !  especially youtube because it allows her to watch sermons from all corners of the world.  She would tell me, "just show me how to do it.  If I don't get it after a few tries, show me some more ! enough time and it will stick with me."  What great attitude she possesses.  Never cease to learn.  I'm grateful for her.  I'm praying for patience and the ability to give those I love more of my time.