precious moments : eventful day

Bee loves pomegranate !  She eats them, by the bowl, every day now that it's in season !  After lunch, while vacuuming, Bee asked if she can vacuum for me.  I "reluctantly" complied ;-)  When done, Lovebug and her had bath time together.  They love playing in the water. 

We watched Team UmiZoomi for a bit then went to play house and do some drawing.  Bee drew her own puzzle.  She proudly showed it off to me.  We had some snacks then watched Peppa Pig for a bit.  For dinner the kids had chicken, pork, broccoli, and brown rice/quinoa.  Now that there are 2 of them, Bee isn't so much of a picky eater anymore !  Dinner is a contest between them 2 !!!  Kim texted me cute K stuff and it put a smile on our faces.  K is a very observant little boy.