how I find time to watch Korean drama

I poked my head out from the corner to assess the situation.  Hubby is laying on the floor, kids playing on him, they looked safe.  Perfect.

I tiptoed across the hallway, ipad in tow.  Before I got into our bedroom, I yelled out "I'm going to the bathroom OK !", "OK" C said.  I then closed our bedroom door lighting fast, before the kids can look up.  Before they realized I'm not there and come crawling/running looking for me.  I ran into our ensuite bathroom, shut and locked that door as fast as I could.  No kids can get to me now, there're 2 doors between me and them.  Phew.

I sat the ipad down on Bee's stepping stool.  Closed the toilet lid to make it into a seat.  I made a mental note to buy one of those fuzzy cover for it.  It'll be a better seat then .  I quickly tapped on Viki's icon, browsed to TV.  The translated subs for Secrets (Korean TV drama) should be done by now.  What ?  only 80% ?  it will have to do.  I can't get out now.  If I go back out there I might never made it back in.  I need to time this better next time.

Min-hyuk is so handsome.  He is falling for Yoo-jeong without realizing it.  Ahh...look at the way he looks at her while she's doing his laundry...

"Tracy, you're in there for like 40 min !!!  are you done ?  are you OK ?"  I heard C's concerning voice outside the bathroom door.  When did he get here ? 

"No, nothing came out !  I'm just about to take my shower though.  Since I'm in here already"  I yelled out while turning on the tap.

Before he can say anything > IT has to be before he can put in a word > that I turned the water on high so it drowned out his voice.  And he knows that when the shower is on full, all is lost !  I cannot hear him.

While the cold water drops chasing each other down the drain, I sat on the edge of the tub enjoying the last bit of the drama.  Some part I have to fast forward through because I don't have time for filler.  I'm just here for the action.  Min-hyuk and Yoon-jeong kissed !!!  yay !  I can go back to my rambunctious kids and husband now  ! 

I don't do this all the time, I mixed it up with other "movie watching schemes" I devised up :-)  I like to think that C is clueless about this but sadly, it's not true :-(  He knows me, knows exactly what I'm up do, he just let me get away with it !  thinking I'm smart and all !!!