HOMEMADE | Easy peasy beanbags

Yesterday the weather was dreadful with a capital D.  No rain, but the sky dressed in gloom.  I decided to make some bean bags for Bee while Lovebug is sleeping.  Actually, I went and vacuumed our SUV and cleaned out the floor mats first.  They were way way overdue for a cleaning.  Bee loves playing inside the SUV !  She said it's like a small house for her.

I brought out some fabrics and let Bee pick a pattern.  She helped me rip the fabric into 5" wide strips so I can then cut them.  After sewing each bag, we filled it with brown rice.  Total time was less than 20 min., and we made 4 beanbags.  Or in our case, 4 rice bags !

Here's the How Tos:

- 8 of 5X5 squares of fabric
- beans, rice, corn kernels, or any other dry legumes

  • Take 2 squares of fabric, turn the right side in, facing each other
  • On the wrong side of fabric, about 1/2 inch in, sew around the 4 edges>  LEAVE a 2" opening for filling.
  • Sew around the 4 edges again, 1/4 inch from the previous seams, to secure the bag
  • Once done sewing, cut out the tip of each corners (so when you turn it right side out, the corners don't bunch up.
  • Turn the beanbag right side out
  • Through the 2" opening, pour in the filling, about 2/3 of the bag
  • Hold the opening tight and sew it shut (on the right side of fabric).  I sew it twice to secure it.

Here's a picture of what the sewing should look like: