A different kind of hoarder

Surely by now you've seen or heard of TLC's Hoarders ?  If you haven't, it's basically a show about people hoarding things ! 
I don't understand how people can hoard so much and not see how these stuff are infecting their life.  Stuff are piling up everywhere.  One cannot tell what's good and what's garbage.  I get it that there are deeper issues the hoarder needs to deal with !  But it still mind boggling to me how these seemingly 'normal' people, with 'rational' thoughts, not only willing to jeopardizing their relationships, they also put their kids health and safety at risk by gathering "things" !  a lot of things.
A sermon shared by Andrew on hoarding of blessings (will talk about that later) made me think of this show.  I am a bit of a hoarder these days.  I collect JARS !  sauce jar, pickled jar, hot chocolate jar, etc. etc.  The other day, while cleaning out my cupboard, I have to bid my goodbyes to a few.  It's easy to clear out junk when you see them, when they cluttered your eyes, but what do we do about the "clutters" that we can't see ?
Many of us are carrying a lot of excess baggage.  Baggage that we choose to carry.  Baggage that slows us down in our life journey.  Is unforgiveness tuck somewhere in your baggage ?  I know what you're thinking.  Why should we forgive when others wronged/wounded us ?  They never ask to be forgiven so why give it ?  Thing is, if you're withholding forgiveness, it does you more harm than good.   As a Christian, I think unforgiveness is major roadblock in our spiritual life.


:  compassionate or kindly forbearance shown toward an offender
When we choose not to forgive others, we also close that door on ourselves.  One cannot ask for mercy when they don't extend it to others.  One cannot expect kindness when they don't show compassion to others. 
What's worse ? when we're withholding forgiveness from others, we hoard grudges.
I've seen what grudges do to people.  They're like active cancerous tumor, slowly killing away relationships and friendships.  They thrives on assumptions and lies.  Don't harbor it.  You need to starve it !  Talk to the person who you think wronged you.  Communication with an open mind is key.  No one likes a 1 way communication.  Try to walk in their shoes.  If you're so stuck in your point of view, you are missing out on a lot of great things. 
Grudges are useless, worthless, clutters that weight you down.  Work through them and let them go, freeing up room for better things.  We need to forgive for our own sake, for our own well being.  We're all broken people.  Faulty human being with moments, many moments, of weakness and stupidity.  When we start to look at people and ourselves under that light, you will find it easier to be kind.  Forgive, like Christ has forgiven us.  He cleared our slate.  Forgive so we ourselves can accept forgiveness.  Forgive because it's good for us, good for our soul.  It's time to de-clutter :-)