sunny day at Country Pumpkin patch farm

A week of gloom and rain, then out of the gray, the sun came out on Sunday and spread its golden arms all over our city.  It feels like summer again !  My girlfriend and I packed up the kids to go our quest, searching for the best pumpkin around.  We went to our usual patch but their farm isn't ready for u-pick pumpkin yet.  A call to another mommy friend and she told me to check out Country Pumpkin down Steveston Hwy.  There's an admission fee of $11 though, she said !  I really don't want to pay a fee to enter a pumpkin patch, and then pay again for the cost of the pumpkin after :/  But we're in Richmond already, what do we do ?  the kids are so excited and keep asking "where pumpkins ????"  So off we went to Country Pumpkin patch and boy, we're so glad we did !!!

First, the $11 entrance fee INCLUDES a pumpkin so it isn't so bad.  Kids 3+ is $11 :-(  However, the farm is huge, so you can pack some food if you want to make it a full day there.  Parking is free, there're 3 huge parking lots on the left of main entrance.  Here's a little summary of what's there:
  • fenced animals farms (viewing only)
  • hay stacks playing area (my baby went nuts !)
  • a small shallow pond that has lots of ducks swimming around
  • costumed entertainment + live band, there're hay stacks to sit on
  • there are wild rabbits running around, some hiding under trees (our girl likes to look for them)
  • hay ride out to the pumpkin patch (singer entertaining kids on the ride)
  • decent size pumpkin patch, 1 free pumpkin per person (over 3 yr old), doesn't matter what size (although I noticed a few people taking 2 or 3 small ones)
  • free apple, 1 per person (I saw kids taking more than 1 ;-)  no one is monitoring so if your kid wants 2, I say let them :)
  • the pumpkin patch is next to a corn field, I saw many people eating raw corn ! and many picked and took the corns back (none of the staff there said anything).  I took one and it was soooo sweet !


  • wear rain boots or outdoor shoes.  It's a farm so lots of dirt and muddy spots.  Bring change of clothes or shoes if you're going out after.
  • bring a  kid's wagon if you're planning on bringing home a big pumpkin !  from the field to the hay ride station, and from the hay ride station to your parked car is a fair bit of a distance.
  • bring water/snack (I didn't see any where there to buy food or water)
  • bring wet naps and band aids (my kid pulled on a pumpkin and got a sliver.  If she pulled harder she might have gotten a cut :-( 
*side note*:  don't forget to stop by the farm fresh produce market on the way out (free coffee) !  I bought bags full of nectarines, apples, pears, cabbages, bunches of kale (black/green), d├ęcor white pumpkins, corns, and some other veggies and the bill was less than $25.  So cheap !!!


Country Pumpkin patch, 12900 Steveston Hwy, Richmond
Open October 6-31st,
Mon-Fri 9am to 1:30pm, Sat/Sun/Holidays 10am to 4:30pm
Call 604 274 0522 for info.
Check times before you go, also weather permitting, see web site or call for more info.
Entrance fee:  Kids under 2 is free, 3+ & adult $11 weekend, $7 weekday