Shoeaholic | From sunrise to sunset

I've been on the hunt for leather shoes and booties size 5.  Ones that are comfortable & versatile that I can wear from sunrise to sunset.  It's hard enough locating a 5, I noticed also that leather shoes is becoming harder and harder to come by !  I've been online browsing for weeks now and got little luck.  I'm also on a budget, I gave myself a 200 quid allowance to spend on shoes.  And also, as a deal with hubby, any shoes I buy, I have to donate at least 1 old one to salvation army (because my shoes hoarding are taking over our garage). 

Yesterday, I saw a few nice ones, all leather, at but I probably want to come in and try them on as I never bought shoes from them before.  Are you as surprise as me ?  I didn't know Zara carry size 5 shoes, in both the Women's  and TRF ("young women") sections. 

Here are what I got my eyes on, the max heel height I can wear is ~ 2 inches.  I don't know about you, but I feel a bit sad realizing my style now somewhat matches my age :-(  I'm all about comfort now and I even dress depending on weather !  Man, it sucks knowing I'm no longer forever21 ....

These are nice but the heels are a bit high for me, I'm on the fence on them ....
These below are pretty sleek and chic ! I can only admire them as I can't see me walking in them.  If I do, my body will be slanted, like Michael Jackson's anti-gravity lean dance move :D


If you're looking for that perfect pair of shoes or booties, here's some info. I found during my search:
  • Browns Shoes > they got really nice leather shoes and is having a sale BUT their price is on the higher end.  The nice shoes are $200+
  • Aldo > good old Aldo always have decent leather shoes for decent prices (just remember to read the label as they are starting to stock up on synthetic leather :-(
  • Le Chateau > they have a designer shoes section and an Italian boutique section, no 5 though !
  • RW & co > this one was a surprise !  I was looking for leggings and noticed they sell shoes online.  Smallest is a 6 !  bummer !
  • Zara > was looking for sweater, noticed their shoes section and decided to look into it.  Wow, they got some cute shoes and all leather to boot ! 
  • The Bay >  As you probably know, the Bay has been going through a lot of changes in the past few years.  They are aiming to be the "Nordstrom" of Canada.  It's about time as we lack quality department store here.  The Bay is changing for the better !  I heart their shoes floor in downtown Vancouver.  They got some pretty pretty shoes !  Many I won't wear as the heels are too high, but it's fun gawking at them !!!  Any who, moving on, the Bay is  having a great sale going on right now on boots !!!  They don't carry many size 5 :-(  I hate my small feet !!!
If you're looking for fall/winter shoes, now is the time to buy !  good luck on finding your size.