leggings love | how to wear and where to buy

I heart leggings.  This stretchy fitted thing is the best thing since chocolate.  It's all I wear since the day I learned I was pregnant, and up until it can no longer fit my bulging stomach ( ~6 mnths).  My leggings reluctantly gave way to the maternity pants for a few months, then after I gave birth we met up again and haven't been a part since.  Best investment ever !  Leggings grow with me through all the ups and downs of my weight stages.  It gives way to all the binge eating and hot chocolate drinking.  Unlike my jeans who refuses to give in, refuses to lend a few inches to let me in.  Cold blood that thing !!!
Leggings, when done right, is chic and stylish.  When worn wrong, can be quite distasteful.

There's one simple rule to follow when it comes to leggings ladies, just remember leggings are not pants.  LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS.  Leggings fit tight around the crotch and butt area, so camel toe and plumber crack are very very easily achieved !!!  To avoid it, always pairing leggings with top that goes past your butt.  I've invested also in some long tanks and cardigans to wear with tops that are just a tad shy of covering my derierre.

Where can you pick up some good leggings around here ? 

Garage (garage.ca) has some nice ones for $13.  Amongst the cheap leggings, the ones from Garage are best.  They are thick, soft and they last after many washes.  I've bought some from H&M and Forever21 and they aren't well made.  Also they fade after few washes :-(

If you wear leggings often (I wear them 5 days out of 7), invest in some decent leggings.  I got some from Zara and they are quite nice.  Very thick quality fabric and the size 34 fits my 4'11 height perfectly, no hemming needed.

Here are some pictures of ones I saw at my recent trip to the mall.  Very nice quality fabric and worth every penny.

Zara | Zara.com/ca


Mexx | Mexx.ca

Garage | Garage.ca

RW&co | RW-co.com