How to change "No Comments" on blogger

I've got a few emails from people saying they don't know how to leave a comment on my post.  After looking over at my blog, I realized not too many people know that the main page is a summary page so to leave a comment, they need to browse to the actual post OR click on the No Comments at the footer of the page to post something.  It's so tricky so I decided to change it !

- First, you need to go into Template > click on Edit HTML (a menu will open up like one below)
- Then click on the Format template tab at the top to view all the codes

- Click anywhere inside the code window
- The press Ctrl button together with the F key button to display the Search window
- Type in the text below in the search box and press Enter


- There should be 3 instances of them, change it on the 2nd occurrence.  Look at the code line # to determine which is the 2nd occurrence.  Delete "<data:post.commentLabelFull/>:" and put in whatever word or phrase you want !  I changed mine to Leave a Comment.  Any question please leave me a comment below.

*Note:  FYI, I use the Simple blogger template and edited the code to my liking.