how to get facebook to display quality picture or photo

You went on vacation, took some great pictures and wanted to share them to your fb circle of friends.  After uploaded all the pictures and clicked the Post Photos button, you can't wait to see how they look on your page.  You clicked on a photo and first thing you noticed, the image looked blurry, fuzzy, pixelated, so far from the original picture.  What happened ?

FB Compresssion is what happened !!!  Whenever you upload an image onto an album, behind the scene (on the fb server), sets of codes are run and what they do is that, they shunk each image down to the size and quality resolution that is acceptable to facebook.  What a bummer right ?  So, there are 2 ways to go about this, 1. you can complain to fb all you want in the hope they will change their coding, or 2. embrace their codes and work with it :-)

I uploaded both on fb, one with 600px canvas width (fuzzy) compare to 1200px canvas width (more sharp/crisp)

I know FB will never change their ways, so I went with option 2.  Here's the short answer, when you're ready to upload your pictures to fb, if you want to retain some quality of the photos, resize the size of your pictures as follow:

- If landscape, set at 1200 pixel width at 72 dpi (if image is too big for your liking, 900 pixel width is kinda ok looking too)

- If portrait, set at 900 pixel height at 72 dpi (I noticed fb brings it down to 846px, which works too)

After you resized your pictures, create an album or open as existing one on facebook.  Click on add photos, and select all photos you want to upload.  Before you click Post, make sure to check the High Quality checkbox at the bottom left corner of the screen.  That's all there is to it !!!

I've been playing around with the sizes of pictures on facebook for a while and these are what worked for me.  I prefer quality and smaller photos but so far, 900 pixel width is the smallest :-(