FURNITURE REFINISH IDEA: We restored a sideboard/console table !

I heart craigslist !  I've found many awesome deals and sold many of my no-longer-needed items on this site.  I think it's important to recycle, not just newspaper and plastic, but recycle in the form of buying used item, keeping it out of the landfill !  If you got things you no longer want, before dumping them, try to sell or offer them for free on craigslist first.

A while back I found a console table for $80.  It was solid wood and super heavy.  It took us and 2 other gentlemen to carry it to our car !  We hauled it home on our SUV and got my bro. to help us taking it into our garage.

It sat there for weeks.  Out of sight, out of mind.  Then one day my husband said to me, "I've been sanding it here and there, it looks like it's a lot of work.  I don't know when I can get to it.  Please don't take home junk !!!  we have so much stuff in our garage already".  Eeekk, I forgot that I  bought it !  I went down to take a look at it, saw the streaks of sanding, and thought, man, this is too big of a project.  I shared it with C and we both decided to use it as storage in our garage.

Then one sunny Monday, (we sure got lots of sunny days lately !) C got a day off so we dragged the table out of our garage, attempting to clean it up one last time.  He spent 5 hours or so sanding off just the top, front and sides.  It looks promising so C quickly ran to Rona and grab walnut wood stain.  It's now early evening so I asked my mom looked after the kids so I can help C stain this baby.  If we don't finish it today, I know it will be a long time until we get to it again !!!

We spent the next 4 hours staining the table !!!  It took 4 coats to darken it.  After each coat we have to wait for it to dry a bit before we continue on with the next one.  When done, we shared a victory smile while our arms were super tired, they're about to fall off.  

After the stain dried, we noticed some stain dripped but not very noticeable on first look !  overall, it turned out even better than how I envisioned it.  We enjoyed working on this so much we don't mind doing something similar again !  Cheers to our next project !