a beautiful ordinary day

we managed to sneek out for a little longer than an hour for dinner, just the 2 of us ! yay !
Lovebug is teething so our plan was just to have a picnic in our garden, celebrating our 10th.  But hours leading to dinner time, she was behaving so well and calm, my mom said she can take her and Bee for a few hours !!! yay !!! we decided to brave it and go out for dinner.  It was nice having full attention to each other, enjoying our warm meal (we're been eating cold ones for a while :-), poking fun at each other, and killing a bee that won't leave our food alone.  We turned off the world around us for a short while, to focus on us, no talk about our kids :-)  that's the thing with being parents, we wear our parents hat so often, always put our kids first that we sometime forget about ourselves.  And a time alone like this is just what we need to remind each other that we were husband and wife first, before we were parents.  We're a team and always will be !!! 

After dinner, we went for a short walk, talked about the past, the coming days, our plans, laugh over silly things, ... It was a relaxing chill evening.

Cheers to an ordinary beautiful day and to many more ordinary awesome days to come.