Never Ending : playground convo that made my baby cry

Bee:  We're going to playground ?
Me:  yes, you asked to go and play there !?!  did you change your mind ?
Bee:  No !
Me:  ok, let's go

On the way walking to the playground, we saw 2 men painting a fire hydrant.

Bee: what they doing mama ?
Me:  painting
Bee: painting what ?
Me:  they are painting the fire hydrant
Bee: why ?
Me:  because it's getting old looking, they need to renew it !
Bee:  what happened ?
Me:  stuff gets old with time
Bee:  what HAPPENED ? (sounding annoyed WITH ME !?!?!? what the heck ?  I should be the one that is A.N.N.O.Y.E.D)
Me:  because it's out in the rain and the paint chipped off so they need to repaint it
Bee:  why ?
Me: so it looks nice !  Oh, I think it's raining !  I felt a rain drop on my shoulder. Let's go back ?
Bee:  NOooo, it's not, I no feel it !
Me:  trust me, it's raining
Bee:  No it's not.  Look cloud, no rain ! no rain mommy !
Me:  okayyyyy, we'll go then (brain too tired to fight with her !  if she felt no rain then I can't convince her that it is.  I wish the rain will come down hard and soak her !!!!!!)

At the sight of the playground:

Me:  look, your favorite playground !
Bee:  what happened ?
Me:  what do you mean what happened ?  it's your favorite place !  you go and play...
Bee:  what happened ?  (started to CRY !!!)
Me:  (annoyed) what do you mean what happened ?  you wanted to go and I took you, what do you mean what happened ?  nothing happened !
Bee:  (cry louder)
Me:  I don't understand what you're asking ! talk to mommy !  let's go home then ?
Bee:  Argggggggghhhhhh....why favorite mommy ? 
Me:  I don't know ! ...... you like it so it's called- favorite !  OK FINE THEN, it's not your favorite.  Just go and play please.
Bee:  what happened ?
Me:  want to go on the slide ?
Bee:  OK
Me:  (phew, my brain is so exhausted)

After 5 min. of playing, I decided to go on the monkey bar, swinging from one end to another.

Bee:  I can't go mommy.  I want to be big like mommy
Me:  you will ! eat more and in time you will grow
Bee:  I want to be big, higher now
Me:  you can't !  you just have to wait
Bee:  what happened ?  I wanna be big now mommy (started to cry)
Me:  HOW ?  how am I going to make you bigger
Bee:  (sobbing) make me taller mommy
Me:  you're so tall already !  look, you can go on this (pointing at some pole standing thingy she's standing on)
Bee:  I can go on it ! see ?  I'm bigger that's why !!!

Another day with my baby !  I wonder if I talk too much or too less...I can never seem to ask the right question or answer with the "right" answer :-/