Birth Plan: how do you want to delivery your baby

Birth plan is a list of preferences you would like your baby's birth to be.  Is it mandatory ?  nope, but it's good to write one.  It's a great way to help get you thinking about your baby's big day, of what to expect.  It helps you to consider your options and make some important decision.  If you're high risk or unsure about anything, talk it over with your doctor. 

There are loads of info out there on birthing and pain relief options for you to read/research on so give yourself plenty of time !!!  Don't forget to discuss your preferences with your birth partner (the person who will be in the delivery room with you) !

Here is a small list to get your brain going on your birth plan.  These are just the few items that I feel are important (based on my experience of low risk pregnancy & hospital birth).  There are some great birthing worksheets available on the net that you can google for.  If you're doing homebirth, sorry I got no experience on that to share :-(

1.  Method of childbirth:  vaginal is most common and safe.  However in certain circumstance, forceps or vacuum has to be used, or a C-section has to be done.  Do your research on these or ask your doctor about them, what are the risks, recovery period, and possible side effects for you and baby.

2.  Your pain relief options.  Do you want to deliver baby naturally the whole way ?  or when it's unbearable, you want Nitrous oxide (laughing gas), or epidural (spinal anesthesia).  Read about the pros. & cons, side effects of each, recovery time, and how it will affect you and baby in the long term, etc.
3.  Episiotomy ?
4.  Do you want your partner to cut the umbilical cord, Yes or No ? 

5.  Your thought on inducing labour
I wish I read more on this when I was induced with my 2nd.  There was no risk and all I needed to do was wait until she's ready.  But my doctor was impatience and suggested we go ahead with inducing her because I've been at the hospital too long.  She assured me they do it all the time and it's safe so we agreed to do it.  Looking back, I wish I didn't go through with it.  My baby girl is fine but still, I don't like to do something when it wasn't needed.
Keep in mind, this birthing plan is what you IDEALLY would like your birth plan to be.  Be flexible because sometime things will arise and alternative route needs to be taken.  That's why I suggested you read on all the options, to educate yourself, to know what they are in case you have to make an executive decision on it.  If you're not sure, always always ASK the doctor for options, and what are the pros./cons.