some kind of wonderful

My Love,

Well, as you are starting to read this you must be thinking, "Gee...this is something different" (hehehe). A letter from C? No way? since when? Yes it's true, from my heart. Can you believe it? 10 years or shall I say 19 years together? 10 years seems like a long time if you think about all the amazing accomplishments we have gone through and experienced. Mostly ups not very many downs I can think of in my mind. Just to recap on a few, 3 homes from Condo-Townhouse-House, multiple change of work offices, a few promotions like the big one I just got, a new church family (somewhat) and last but not least 2 beautiful daughters. What a ride we've been through. Looking at all these amazing changes, did you notice something that hasn't changed? Yes, we're still together! How awesome is that? To be continued.......

Part 2

Okay, now I can continue typing as we are sitting here with K at the dentist room (9:30am), what a brave 3 year old girl. Strong just like her father and brave like her mother.

Well it's been a decade but it's just the beginning of a new one, a new adventure together. You've been an awesome wife and mother, giving birth to two girls is amazing and I will never be able to sympathize with your experience. Also for putting up with my annoying accents, songs, laziness at times, dumb jokes, just to name a few, and I'm not naming everything just to keep this marriage in shape (hehehe). I appreciate everything you have done and endured, and there has been no day where I take you for granted even though I do not express it often. I have to admit, there is nothing in the world I can buy you to show you how much I appreciate you and love you. This is the reason I have a difficult time buying you a special gift, not just for a sake of a gift, but something that is sentimental and of value. Diamonds and gold or all the material things in this world will not express how much you mean to me.  After all, you are priceless! To be continued........

Part 3

On my way home and now I can continue my letter now! Honey, thank you for all the years of joy and happiness.  Your presence in my life is such a blessing and without you I would not have been able to focus on my career and success. You bring so much to my life, second to God of course ! Like I said, 10 years is just the beginning and we have a long time to make things better. I continue to look forward to our upcoming achievements and the success that will come with it, especially watching our 2 girls grow up and we can have each other back to our selves only. I love you with all my heart and I hope you enjoyed reading my little letter. After all the last time I wrote you anything was when we were dating!

Take a last look at this cover and remember our first date at this park!

This is truly a memory.......I LOVE YOU!


When I saw the picture of the park, I started to cry.  It was where we went on our first date.  We were in our teens, and didn't want our first date to be at the mall or at an arcade.  I remember it was Saturday, a sunny warm summer Saturday.  We met at Surrey Central skytrain then rode it down to Main station.  C was wearing blue/green and white polo with baggy jeans.  I forgot what I was wearing :-(  We got off the station and walked to china town to pick up some bakery and snacks, lots of it.  After walking around checking out stuff, we went to look for a park near by (there was no google then :-) and this "park", Thornton, next to Main Street station, was the closest thing to it.  Green trees lined pathway with benches.  Perfect spot for a picnic and to talk.  We didn't stay long because I got a tummy ache from the hawthorn flakes C fed me (he loves them, my first time eating it) :-(

This letter alone was a perfect gift, I told C.  It's meaningful and holds more value than any of thing.  I've been re-reading it over and over again.  Yes, I remember our first date, the butterflies in my tummy, the warm sun, the smiles on C's face, the awkwardness of us, yup, I remember them all ! Funny how a simple picture can dig in and evoke, bring into life, so many old feelings and images. I also remember how awesome my boyfriend was and still is. 

He is some kind of wonderful !!!