soon will be our 10th anniversary

In less than 2 weeks is our 10th year anniversary.  Time flies when you married Mr. Fun.  There haven't yet been a dull day with Collin.  If we're bored he will come up with something to do !  Like a WWF or a MMA match (where I'm always the one ended up with a tini bruise or two).  Most often though, he likes to scare or annoy me.  Like the time he pretended he choked and stopped breathing, or turned off all the light and pretended to be a ghost, or rap horribly with vietnamese accent...he's always up to something.  Someday he would disappeared on me on a whim and let me go searching, yelling for him.  He likes spontaneous hide/seek game, and got our daughter to do it too !!  It might sound like I'm complaining but reality is, I really really REALLY like being married to C.  He's so fun to be with :D

We got engaged on Skaha Lake, Penticton.  Pic. taken after we both cried our eyes out !!!
As this year is a milestone for us, we have been planning for a trip to sunny Hawaii since spring.  We figured that baby Lovebug will be 6 months by August, she should do ok with flying, eating out at restaurant, chilling at the beach, etc, etc.  BUT came June, life and all it's unexpected gifts put that plan into a screeching halt.  Lovebug can sit and crawl at like 18 weeks :/ she's so active that eating out isn't so much fun for me (she only wants her mama).  I  dread going on a vacation where the very thought of eating at restaurant strike a fear in my heart :-(  Baby squirming, fussing, throwing toys around, and ultimately will shriek at the top of her lung.  I can picture C rushing to inhale his food, Kaila would get angry because she doesn't like to be hurried, and my dinner will surely get packed to go.  That, totally is NOT my idea of a vacation.

Along with Lovebug's advanced development, my hubby recently just became an associate of an architecture firm ! and can't take off for long as there's a project he needs to take care of.   I'm so happy for him because he's been so faithful and trusting in the Lord.  This is an answered prayer.  We can trace out the path that the Lord leads Collin on to where he is.  It's pretty amazing because He brought the right people into C's life to make things happened the way they did today.  Yes, timing could be better but it's alright, we'll make it work.

A tiny bit of me kind of feel bummed out that we can't be in Hawaii but secretly, a huge part of me thank the good Lord that I don't have to fly.  I'm terrified at the thought of being up in the air (beside a squirming baby).  And no, this has nothing to do with the fact that I'm 4 feet 11 & 3/4 of an inch.  It's just built into my being, in my fibers and I can't shake it off.  I have aerophobia !

So, the final question I have is, with all these blessings: an active 5 months who think she's 1, a husband with new career adventure, and team Truong is still going strong >> How do one go about celebrating these ?   Not sure what to do to make it extra special :(  My mom can take our 2 little monsters :) for about 4 hours.   We discussed what we like to do already but still need more ideas.  If you have some, please do share !!!  thank you in advance :)