natural home made laminate / tile floor cleaner recipe

I prefer hardwood floor over carpet any day !  However with my little baby going through the stage of spitting up and drooling, our once clean laminated hardwood is now dull, greasy and grimy looking !  Yuk !!!  I don't like store bought cleaner so I googled up natural recipe for floor cleaner.  I'm so glad I came across this this website, but it contained ingredients for an all purpose cleaner spray and what I'm looking for is just a natural solution to mop my floor with.  I like that all the ingredients can be found in my cupboard so I decided play around with them and see what worked. 

Here's what I got:

- 4 litre of warm water
- 1 cup vinegar
- 2/3 cup of rubbing alcohol
- 3 or 4 drops of dish detergent

Now all you need is a bucket to mix the solution in and a mop to clean your floor !!!  Easy right ?

I did use a bucket at first but it wasn't safe from my daughter !  who jump at any chance to play with water !  so I have to put the bucket away, and gage and fill up my bathroom sink with warm/hot water.  Add in the other ingredients and swirl them around to mix (if I have some orange peels lying around, I throw them in and squeeze the oil out !).  Then I use my old face towel to soak in the solution, wring it and stuck the 4 corners of it in my Swiffer sweeper (the basic kind).  I mop 1 room first, then take towel back to my bathtub (not sink) to rinse, then dip in the sink solution again for the next room (repeat for each room :-)  I mop my laminate and tile floors with this solution and it cleaned them very well !  I tested with my finger and it's squeaky clean.