impromptu garden tea party

After swimming lesson, on the way home Bee asked if we can go make tea.  The weather today is nice and cool so I suggested we have a tea party out in our back yard instead.  The moment I realized what I said, I regret saying right away !!! because I'm so hungry !  I'm not sure how long I can hold out for, since tea party is time consuming :-/   Before I can suggest something else, Bee excitedly announced "tea party mommy", I knew then I got to follow through. 

Once we got home, I rushed to the kitchen and quickly made some tea sandwiches:  cucumber, egg salad and nutella.  We got some cherries and strawberries already so I just need to cut up some cantaloupe, as Bee likes them.  Instead of tea I got lemonade mixed in with some carrot juice.  I also quickly made coconut jelly in the small glasses and topped with slices of strawberries. 

An hour and 1/2 of prepping and cooking, and we're all ready for our little tea party !  It was fun to have my mom dress up with us girls :)  we sat out in the yard eating, talking, laughing, watching butterfly coming in and out of our garden.  I even forgot how crazy messy the state of my kitchen is in :)  It was all in all a fun day.