how to cook perfect moist hard boiled egg

There's hard boiled egg and there's 'perfect' hard boiled egg !!!  I didn't know that.  For years I hated hard boiled egg until my mommy friend, Tanya, shared with me her secret to boil a perfect egg.  Egg that has a nicely firmed white and a moist soft yolk, no chalk-like taste and texture. 

I was doubting her, giving her an raised eye-brow when she excitedly share with me her how-to.  How hard is it to boil an egg ?  water, egg, let boil, take out, eat !  there's other way ?  there's technique to boil an egg ???  EGG ???  What ?!?!?!  YES Tanya said.  Just try it.

'Just try it' and I did ! and readers, I'm now a believer.  It seems I've been boiling eggs the wrong way all these years.  I was so impress with how they turned out I have to post it up.  Tanya was so right !  I will never go back to cooking egg my old way again. 

Here's the secret (not so much of a secret anymore :-) :

- place eggs in a pot
- add water to cover the eggs
- bring to boil
- REMOVE from stove immediately and cover with lid
- let stand for 20 minutes

Crack, Peel, and Enjoy !

My daughter Bee loves them so much (used to hate boiled egg like her mama), she asked for 2.  Since the organic eggs were petit in size, I let her have my share.  Seeing that I can't take my eyes of her last bite, Bee was kind enough to spit out a chunk for me to chow on !!!  very soft tender yolk and just-set white.  Wow !  Who knew !