yummy healthy breakfast or mid day snack

I was sent a care package from hubby's company and amongst all the treats was Everyday Superfood's Omega Mango cereal !  It looks good but I wasn't sure if I like to chow down on so much seeds first thing in the morning so I put it away. 

One morning, just one of those day, when I didn't feel like my usual breakfast fares, I opened my cupboard, saw it & thought heck, I should give it a try.  I pour the mostly-seeds-cereal on top of my vanilla yogurt and after the 1st spoon I couldn't stop.  It was delishhhh !  It was soooooooo good !  the dried mangos were so flavourful (I can smell the fruit !), the cranberries were chewy and has a nice tart/sweetness to it, and the mixture of seeds/nuts provide a perfect harmony of crunch.  I didn't have to pick anything out at all.  I like everything in there.  They all just blended so perfectly together.  It was a party in my mouth (like my daughter would say) after each spoonful !  And it has all the good nutrients like Omega 3 & 6.  Not only it tastes good but also GOOD for me !  I love it !  I love it !  !  Needless to say, I went and made myself another bowl :D  and had 1 more while prepping dinner !!! 

This cereal is great for moms and those on the go like me !   it's great for a nutritious breakfast or as a mid afternoon snack (to re-energize and tide you over until dinner).   Us moms are so busy running our household, chasing our kids around, so anything fast gets a thumb up from us !  And this is what it is,  Fast !  and healthy, and tasty !  :D 

Don't let the small package fools you !   this package goes a long way !  Everyday Superfood has many other superfood mixes.  However, I like this too much at the moment to try out try out their other mixes :) 
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