precious moment : naked boy

Bee and I went out for a short walk, waiting for C to come home.  While walking, we passed by a house and Bee pointed out and talked in her usual loud voice (yelling decibel) to me:

Bee:  he's naked mommy !!! (keeps on pointing at the guy)

I noticed the topless teen standing outside in his yard, sun tanning his pale body

Me: he's sun tanning baby

Bee:  look (point at herself), Bee wear shirt.  Bee no want to be naked

 Me: very good !  you should always wear a shirt.  (I was too tired to explain to her boy can be topless but girl shouldn't !)

The guy heard us, and I can see he felt embarrass, so as I shush Bee to keep on walking, he went back inside !  Oh kid !  they do say the darnest thing !