Avalon Organic baby lotion and shampoo/body wash

After a month of bringing my new born baby girl home, soft skin and wonderful, she started to have flaky dry skin.  Her face and feet were so dry they made her irritated.  I had baby Aveeno on hand so I tried rubbing them on her.  It lasted for about an hour and then her skin is all peeling again.  I can't stand it so I decided to try out something new. 

I went online and read reviews after reviews from other moms and set my heart on Avalon Organics.  I went and brought  nourishing baby lotions and shampoo/body wash.  The ingredients list aren't too long, so I looked them up and they're all seems to be ok.  Excited to try them out.

The nourishing baby lotion was light, non greasy, absorb quickly, and the best part, it made my baby skin soft again, for the whole day !  how awesome is that !  It's unscented but the smell is still very pleasant, probably from all the flowers extracts in it. 

As for the Avalon Organic shampoo and body wash, again, it was light, was non greasy, mild, doesn't foam much (which is what I'm looking for, because more foam = more chemicals), rinses off in a flash, and a little drop goes a long way.  I really like the light smell, very gentle limely like. 

Overall, I like both of the products and very pleased with the results.  With so many products on the market and so many containing harmful ingredients, I try to best to expose my babies to as minimal as possible.  I always read the label and check up on the ingredients.  By habit, the minute I see Sodium Laureth Sulfate, I would pass on the product.  A lady I knew has been telling me for over 10 year now, on how bad it is and it kinda stuck with me.  Back then, the internet wasn't what it is now so there's very little info on it.  Now that I know what it is, I would refrain from buying/using any product containing SLS. 

You can read more on SLS here:  http://www.davidsuzuki.org/what-you-can-do/queen-of-green/faqs/toxics/whats-the-difference-between-sodium-lauryl-sulfate-sls-and-sodium-laureth-sulfat/

I'm still quite disappointed that Johnson & Johnson, the creator of so many baby products, came under fire in the recent years for putting in many harmful carcinogenic ingredients in their baby products.  You would think that they would use only the best (or at the least acceptable) ingredients since it's for baby, sensitive new born baby.  Truly disappointing.

highlight of the day:  it was a lazy Sunday at our house.  After church service we made flatbread veggies pizza for lunch, then we went out and sat in our yard, watered our little garden, and emerged ourselves in the warm June's sun.  Delightful !