Father's day

Sunny Father's day Sunday ! Bee went and gave C the card she and I made (painted with beet juice), and a Ben Holiday miniature house. Bee screamed (actually she just talk really really super duper loud) "happy father mother day daddy !".  He kissed all of us. We spent sometime looking for miniature furniture that we can furnish the mini house with, then C and Bee took off. They went out to do one of C's favorite thing, coffee and browsing HomeDepot.

After getting Lovebug and I ready, I picked some ripe fresh strawberries from our planter for Bee.  She inhaled them when she got home.  We all then packed up and went down to WhiteRock beach for a stroll and some gelato. Lovebug screamed the whole ride then slept the whole time at the beach !!! 

Dinner was spent with C's parents and we ended the evening with C taking me for a short ride on his new foldable bike.  It was short ride because it a wobbly ride.  He haven't rode a bike in years.  I'm sure it won't be long before he mastered it again.  I want a bike too !