HOME DECOR: Credenza sideboard accent table love

I've been obsessing with teak credenza as of late.  Been hunting antique stores & craigslist for an old one for a steal of a price.  So far my search returned null :(  There are a few thrift shops on my hit list but I can't go there just yet.  Hubby got me all creeped out, feeling the hibby jibby of antique furniture at the moment :-(  It happened during our last excursion, he would say stuff like "I wonder how the owner died ?"  or "I can see the dead people using that thing".  I yelled at him but it was too late to un-heard what he said !  so now when I see antique stuff, all I can think about is dead people.  And I'm a bit of a weak sauce when it comes to the sixth sense O_O

While waiting to find that perfect credenza, I've been browsing at new ones :-S  You know, in case I'm destined to buy a new one, because I know my crazy hubby will pull off every stop to prevent me from bringing an antique into our house.  He has this phobia with old stuff !  His problem really but I want to respect it.  I have no choice anyway !

So, here are some beautiful credenza/sideboard that I really like, that I can only admire online, simply because I can't afford it:


A Vancouver shop called Full House Consign has beautiful beautiful storage pieces.  Price point for some of these nice ones are a bit steep.  I'm waiting for a good sale :)

Here are some reasonable priced ones from Moe's Home, West Elm and Mod GSI:

I hope within a month or two I can find the perfect one.  Wish me luck !