West Elm Crush

In between diaper changing, feeding and burping a baby; and in between playing, entertaining, chasing, cooking and threatening a toddler to eat; I managed to fit in few minutes to shop!!!  I love online shopping !  I shop online for everything from baby clothes to organic nut butter spread to quinoa to cosmetics to fabric...Only after when a day or two go by that I remembered the thing about online shopping that I detest >>>  processing and shipping time !  Aigooo (like the woman in the Korean drama often says), why does it have to take so long.  But yet, it doesn't discourage me to stop.  I feel it helps keep me connected to the outside world (because I'm home most days) :-)  I think :-D

I have my phases.  Some week I spent those snippets of time buying kids stuff,  then next week it'll be on hubby's clothes, then the next, health food, and recently, on home décor.  West Elm is my current crush.  I haven't been to the actual brick and mortar store yet, since it's debut in Vancouver in 2012.  I have just been admiring their stuff online.  Their prices are good, not expensive like it's mother ship, Pottery Barn.  Now that Lovebug is a bit bigger, I'm hoping to make a visit there soon.  If I could, I would craigslisted (I believe I just made up that word) most of my furniture and pick up new pieces from there.  My husband, always the voice of reason, reminded me that anything nice we buy now will be destroyed by our little kids !!!  *sigh*...Maybe I'll just work on "renovating" our walls, AFTER I buy a new dining table and a new console table :-)

Hubby and I have different décor taste.  He's into minimalist, clean line, classic color.  I found them boring with a capital B !  I'm the colorful one in our relationship.  My only problem is that I like too many things :-P  I like country style with a modern twist, mid-century, industrial chic, retro, eclectic...because I can't settle on one, our house is currently being styled by my Mister.  Although we've got many compliments on our home, I still think it needs a new make over.  I must say, my staying at home days in and out has a bit to do with me wanting change.  One can get bored with seeing the same things, same layout everyday.  An affordable way to switch things up is to re-arranging the furniture, which we just did the other day.  I like it but I'm aiming to get a few new things.  I know, I'm not making money staying at home and yet am spending more.  But we've been doing well at saving, we should spend just a bit right ?  Right.

Some fabulous items I'm eyeing:


Thought of the day:  I enjoyed my Our Daily Bread today.  Here's an excerpt from it:

"As we go through life striving to find our way, situations may frustrate us and cause us to respond to others in an un-Christlike way. If so, we must ask God to give us the courage to apologize to those we have offended. Our worship, according to Jesus, depends on it (Matt. 5:23-24).

We honor God when we make reconciliation with others a priority. After we have been reconciled, we can then fully enjoy communion with our heavenly Father."

In the heat of the matter, I sometime let my pride take over and refuse to see my wrong.  Only when I'm calm and collected that I realized how thoughtless I've been.  The Lord put it in my heart that, no matter how much time passed, even if it looks & feels as though they're over it, I still need to apologize for the words I said.  I think when we do that, it's not only for the good of others, but also good for us.  To forgive ourselves so we too can move on.