Old dresser makeover with wallpaper

I was quite excited to commence on this long overdue project.  However it started to rain this morning.  Totally bummed out but by noon Mr. Sun came for a visit so I quickly gather up my stuff and start working on it.

We went to HomeDepot yesterday to pick up the wallpaper since we were close by.  There aren't a lot of options available so I opt for a black and white (either that or brick or rock prints :-(

I was really hoping the wallpaper would be something like wall decal, peel and paste but uh, there's no such thing there.  I looked and looked and all they have is 2 types of wallpaper.  The pre-pasted wallpaper are the one you have to submerge the whole strip in water, soak it then paste it up on the surface you're covering.  If you leave to short or too long in the water, it will affect how the glue stick to the wall.  Since it's my first time doing this, I wanted to go for a sure thing so I went for paste-the-wall wallpaper (meaning, you paste the wall with glue then paste the wallpaper on it).  Sound easy enough right ? 

Now come the part of preparing the dresser for pasting.  My old Ikea dresser is laminated with melamine so I can't paste the wall paper directly on it.  The glue needs something to grip on.  I needed something like primer but I went for wall sizing instead (my reason for it is that I feel it might be less fume, less toxic). 

*if you're planning to just temporary cover your dresser or wall, it's best to wall size it first so when you decide the remove the wall paper, it doesn't damage the paint or wood underneath. 

I brought the Dynamic Wall Size and Pro Clear Adhesive and the brand of the wallpaper is Superfresco EASY, Vogue, Black and White.


Here are the before and after photos.  The whole project takes less than 1 hour to do, prep and paste.  I think I might can even finish it faster if my little daughter didn't offer to help :-)   In between the prep and glue, there's about 6 hours of wait time for the wall size to dry before I can paste.  I'm quite happy with the result.  Just wish HomeDepot has better wall paper print options that's all.  I was hoping for some cool sunny yellow print or an aqua/teal damask but none were found.  For now, this dresser will suffice to store Lovebug's diapers and onesies :-)