HOME DECOR: Long narrow living room decor ideas

I feel like I'm forever decorating and redecorating my living room.  The size and the placement of the fireplace give us very little room to work with.  I'm constantly dreaming of winning a home makeover contest.  OR wishing that Candace Olson from Divine Design would choose our home and help me redecorate this space.  It needs color, life, more stuff...I just don't know what though !  My husband play moving furniture all the time and we always ended up with something similar to what we have before.  There's very little room to switch things up in a small long space !  Until I come up with something decent, I won't be posting any picture ! 

I hope to at least semi finish this living space before I head back to work in 2014 !  Lots of time but it's not much when most of my time are spent with my 2 princesses.  I've been looking at these pictures below for inspiration.  If you have a cool or functional layout of your living room please do share.  I'm always on the look out for design ideas and suggestions.

The last 2 pictures are of the same room.  I really like how it look.  Very well lay out and thing just come together but also stand out on their own.  So pleasant to look at don't you think ?