how to load instagram filters photoshop actions cs4

I like instagram filters but since I don't have an iphone (omg I know !) I decided to google for photoshop how tos !  Upon my search, I found that there are many people already did the leg work for this :-)  Some are better than others.  I like the one created by Daniel Box most as the photoshop filters are comparable to the instagram filters.

Go here to download the action file:

Here're the steps to load the action file:

1.  Open and extract the action file you just downloaded
2.  Open Photoshop (I use Adobe Design Premium CS4)
3.  In Photoshop, press Alt+f9 OR locate Window on the top menu bar, click to open up a menu; then locate Actions and click to open it
4.  On the ACTIONS window, at the top right corner click on the little arrow pointing down

5.  In this drop down menu, locate Load Actions... and click to open

6.  Browse to the extracted folder of the photoshop action file that you downloaded, and click on the ATN file to load the actions.

7.  Once the actions are loaded, click on the little arrow on the left of the action file (#1) to expand the file. 

8.  Select the filter you want to use (#2) by single click on the filter name.

9.  Click on the play arrow at the bottom of the ACTIONS window (#3)

10.  Let the action run its course and your picture will be altered according to the filter you picked.

*** there's also border that you can play with.  Always remember to press play to see the final result.

Highlight of today:  Honeybee and I went to check on our little garden and it's doing very well !  all the seeds have spouted and we can see beautiful green leaves lined up in crooked rows (it's hard to plant them in straight lines :-)  Thank you Lord for the warm sun and rain to help these plants grow !!!