how to clean wax off apple

My daughter loves apple.  Me on the other hand, don't care for it !  While preparing her apple the other day, cutting all the skin off it, I remember reading somewhere that the skin  has the most nutrients.  But I also remember the skin has a lot of wax & it doesn't taste very good !  hence I always peel the skin off.  I used to use a natural fruits wash but I'm skeptical about the ingredients in it so I stopped.  Any who, I decided to google on how to clean the wax off apple and after reading a whole bunch of tips and suggestions, I play around and found one that works for me.  Here it is:

- Rinse each apple under running water, put aside
- Fill a container with water, enough to cover the apples
- Put in 2 table spoon of baking soda & squeeze in 1/2 of a lemon, swirl around to mix (I would say to use this amount for every 4 cups of water)
- Put the apples into the mixture, let it sit in there for a few minutes
- Scrub each apple with your hand (or use the squeezed lemon peel as a scrubber and rub it all over each apple with the mixture)
- Rinse the apples again to clean the baking soda mixture off them

* IF you don't have baking soda or lemon on hand, use apple cider or white vinegar to wipe clean it.  Rinse clean after.

What I noticed after cleaning the apples is that the water gets a bit sandy in color !  which is telling me that the wax or whatever is coating the apples are falling out.  You will also noticed that the apples are now not as shiny was before (which is a good thing :-)

After cleaning the apples, before I can cut them up, Honeybee got hold of one and starts chopping down on it !  the apple was so big she only finished half of it and gave the rest to me.  I took a bite and immediately noticed the different.  The skin is not bitter at all !  It was so tasty.  I shall try to enjoy one of this red fruit a day with my baby girl ! 

So, why do they wax apple ?  the shiny coating (wax) on the apple are for aesthetic (to look good) and preservation.  It looks like this is done on both organic and non organic.  If you buy organic apple from local farmers market, I don't think they coat them.  If unsure, just ask them.

If you're interested in reading more about this wax business, check out this site (there are many sites talk about this but this one seems to be straight forward, informative).

Wax Coating Apple > healthy or unhealthy

Here's an excerpt from it:

Ways to know if apple is coated with wax:

Normally if you pick an apple from a tree and rub it with your hands, it leaves whitish kind of powder on your palms. This is the natural wax on the surface. Similarly waxed apples if scratched slightly it is possible to notice a very thin layer peeling off. Most likely this is added wax.

If an apple fruit looks very glossy and shiny it should be a suspect.

Ways to minimise likely-hood of buying waxed apples:

The natural waxes applied on apples are not known to have any negative effect on health. However, for some personal reasons you may feel it is good to eat unwaxed apples. I would suggest simple ways to reduce the chances of buying waxed apples.

1. Grow your own (and after harvesting do not wax them).
2. Buy apple fruits from markets in locality where apples are grown. There are high chances that the farmers have not waxed their fruits after harvesting.
3. Buy the dull apples. However, this is not a guarantee that they are not waxed.
4. Check the label and buy un-waxed apples.

Thought of the day:  Jesus remains the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow.  He is forever faithful.  I take comfort in knowing that.