easy peasy whole wheat waffle recipe

Bee and I make waffle or pancake every Saturday.  It's our mommy and daughter tradition.  However, with me staying at home now, we not only make it on Saturday, but we also make waffle every other day !  I love the smell of fresh baked flour in the morning.  It's comforting for some reason.  And the waffle, it's so yummy !  Crispy on the outside, airy, soft and a bit chewy on the inside.  Perfect.

Here's the recipe I got from a mommy friend Dee. (I tried many waffle recipes before and hers is the best, imo):


1 3/4 cup of whole wheat flour
1 teaspoon of baking powder (this is different from baking soda :-)
2 tablespoon of sugar (less or more depending on your sweet tooth)

1 3/4 cup of milk
2 eggs
1/2 cup of cooking oil or butter (I use coconut oil)
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

*If you like light and airy waffle, first separate the egg white from the yolk.  Blend the egg whites with a hand blender until stiff peaks formed (about 3-4 min).

Mix all dry ingredients together, then mix in the oil, eggs (egg yolks if separated), then the pour in the milk & vanilla extract.  (If you beat the egg whites separately, fold it in at the end and whisk until blended)

Heat your waffle maker as per instructions.  Pour in 2 spoons of batter and cook until golden.  Serve hot.

This recipe yields about 8 waffles for us.  You might get more or less depending on your waffle machine's depth and dimension.

**You can double the recipe and freeze the extras.

highlight of the day:  Bee and I went out to check on our little garden.  The peas spouted and they are growing !!!  We can't wait to eat them.  We also counted the figs on our fig tree :)

small fig tree

Planted the peas under our clematis plant > not a good idea because the clematis dropped so many petals down on them each day !  Our clematis produced over abundant of soft pink flowers this year.

pink clematis