FURNITURE REFINISH IDEA: Dressing up dresser with wallpaper

I have some old Ikea dressers that are in great condition minus some scratches and sticker residues that were bestowed upon them by my lovely daughter Bee. Buying new dressers are not feasible at the present moment as my toddler and baby surely will destroy them before they get to see the light of day. So how to make something old new again ? how to make something unbearable to lovely again ? I thought hard and came up with "wall decal", but I much prefer having some patterns so a light bulb came on, I thought "why not wallpaper?". Unlike the golden era, nowaday wallpaper come pre pasted, or peel & paste, and all can easily be removed if you changed your mind. Though I came up with the idea on my own, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one honored with such epiphany, I'm sure a host of others out there are already doing it. I googled wallpaper dressers and like I predicted, it's been done and quite popular in fact. 

Here are some beautiful pieces I found. I shall mull over floral or shapes over the next 24 hours and will commence with project "dresser makeover" this weekend !!!  Wish me good luck !

this cute blue piece is great for dresser with handles

I wanted to get this color print for my ikea dressers but not sure how it will look without handle...

love the solid and print swap

this one is beautiful !  love the detailing on it and the color

over-the-top bright and happy !  so fun to look at.  It's a conversation piece for sure.

something about this piece is so serene.  Note the little handle details.

too cute !  Can't find similar wallpaper design anywhere.

this one is painted on with a stencil.  I really like the look of this one.  Imagine a gray color damask print....