BEDROOM DECOR: Daybed daydreamer

I've always love love daybed.  I always wanted one but when I was young, we couldn't afford one (there was no craigslist back then :-) .   When I got married and moved out, there were no room in our condo.  Now that we have a house with a small family room, I'm really hoping to put a daybed in there !!!  Thing is, when I think of daybed, I think of a place of solitude !  a place for me to have some me-time, where I can rest, pick up a book and read, watch Korean drama on my ipad, sip on limenade and daydream.  Putting a daybed in our family room - a loud and busy place - some how defeat the whole purpose of it.  I will have to do some thinking and planning on where I can put it. 

Meanwhile, here are some beautiful photos of daybed for you to feast your eyes on and get decorating ideas from.  Most are from Pottery Barn and some from Ikea, for those who are on a budget like me !  Talk about budgeting, hubby and I are thinking of taking up wood working as a hobby (for us to spend more time together) !  I shall try to persuade him to give up our table project and instead, make a daybed similar to Pottery Barn Stratton bed with the basket space on the bottom.

I absolutely adore this Pottery Barn daybed style.  The baskets on the bottom add an element of charm to the overall look of the bed. 

If you have covered outdoor space or porch, or sun room, check these out:

Got small attic space ?  look at this ?

These are the Hemnes daybed from Ikea.  At $399, they aren't too shabby !

I wanted to get the Ikea daybed for my daughter but after second thought, I decided against it.  It's a bit high for her and I can't find side guard for it (don't want her to roll over and fall off).  If you have older kids, esp. if they are girl, daybed are wonderful to have & decorate !!!  It's perfect for reading time, napping, sleeping, and cuddling.

Once my second daughter outgrow her crib, I'm planning to convert it into a small daybed !