lip service

lip service :  an expression of agreement that is not supported by real conviction

I once know a guy who can pretty much talk any girl into liking him.  His personality is alright, ok look wise, doesn't have a lot going on, but boy oh boy, he can talk the hottest girl into going out on a date with him.  I'm often amaze at his ability and wonder what the others see in him.

I'm never a girl who buy into what people say to me.  I'm cautious when it comes to words, especially pretty words !  And what that friend of mine has is a huge vocabulary of words that can melt many girl's hearts.  He never has to do anything to gain their favour, he's just really all talk and it works pretty much most of the time !  It is very easy to take in sweet words (especially for many of us women, because we're hopelessly romantic), and believe they are true and meaningful.  With the right look, the right touch, paired with the right words, they have the ability to make a girl feels pretty, wanted, cared for and desired. 

Sincerity:  the virtue of one who speaks and acts truly about his/her own feelings, thoughts, and desires.

Here's how I see it, other than in the beginner boy/girl relationship, in our every day life, we all have done it > say what we don't mean to get what we want, to get others to agree with us, to get others to like us.  Being nice is way easier than being honest.  Being honest takes effort and sincerity.  And let's face it, sincerity is a rarity nowaday.  Pretentious people are a dime a dozen !  But being kind and nice doesn't mean you have to sugar coated your words before they leave your lips.  An honest suggestion or advice paired with heartfelt sincerity goes a long way.  It's much more appreciated !  at least by me anyways.

Proverbs 12:19 has this "Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue lasts only a moment".  This quote talks about truth withstand times and lies are temporary dressed as "truth", and will be soon be unveiled as what it is.  It also talks about one's reputation too.  Can we be counted on to share our honest thoughts and opinions ?  are our words cheap and false or are they thoughtful, filled with love and encouragement ?  As a follower of Christ, I desire to be someone that is wise with words.  I pray God will continue to shape into a person that brings glory to Him.  I am guilty of occaisionally play down my true conviction, and at times, too honest, that my words are hard to digest.  But those who know me, know my heart harbor no ill intentions.  

There's a woman I once know, who would shower me with compliments whenever we crossed path.  Even on days I look so crappy and I know it, yet she still find ways to compliment my look.  I noticed though, that her eyes aren't agreeing with her lips.  Perhaps that's the reason why we never got pass more than "aquaintance".  I never taken any of her comments to heart because, 1, it's careless, recycled compliments :-(  and 2, it's so misleading !!!  To tell anyone anything far from the truth is detrimental to the person receiving it, in my opinion.

So, how do you shift through the knocked off to find the genuine ?  The best way to know if someone is worth your time and frienship is to pay attention to their action.  Because actions are good indicators of who the person truly is.  They are motivated by what the person is convinced is true in their heart.  How they think of you is shown through their action.  Sure someone can fake it too but rarely can they keep it up.  Like a verse, "a lying tongue lasts only a moment".  Their true face will always ALWAYS come out into light - if you care to pay attention.